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Dental treatments for kids

Kid’s Dentistry is a very specialised branch of dentistry where the dentists are skilled and trained in giving children dental care in a way children relate to. Childhood is a very important time to develop good oral hygiene and practices and at the same time, extra care needs to taken to check if the development of the permanent teeth is healthy.

Kids Dentistry

It involves preventive and interceptive dentistry for kids i.e. it’s the prevention of occurrence of dental abnormalities or the interception of dental abnormalities at initial stages of their occurrence. It involves the alignment of uneven teeth, delayed tooth eruption or exfoliations, cleft lip or palate, maintaining space for permanent teeth in cases of early exfoliation of deciduous teeth. It also involves habit breaking appliances in cases of

● Thumb sucking.

● Tongue Thrusting (placing tongue within teeth).

● Mouth Breathing.

● Lip Biting.

● Nail Biting.

We give habit breaking appliances at early stages according to the requirement of children, taking in consideration, the size of oral cavity and other oral tissues and helps in proper growth of bone and development of other oral tissues (which can occur only at early stage i.e. growing stage of life). It is comfortable in nature and helps child to easily adapt it.